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Potuluri Virabrahmendra Swami Predictions 
Potuluri Virabrahmendra Swami Predictions Video and Scripts
Do you know what is the real definition of "End Of World"?
Affect of CoronaVirus (Koranki) disease in End Of World.

     Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist believe Kalki comes in End of World (Kali Yuga) Written in Hindu holy book and Kalki Purna. Muslims believe Isa Asalam comes in End of World, written Quran. Christians believe Jesus comes second time in End Of World Written in Bible. Don't you think all three personalities belongs to one person to end the world, Use brain this is simple logic. More predictions of end of world and year 2020 written in this website.

     Nostradamus predicted that “King of terror” comes from the East, He controls the world and He rules the world. He is Kalki Avatar that is Lord Venkateshwara. Kalki (Lord Venkateshwara) will be from India and Kalki (Lord Venkateshwara) will be King of India by people support. So “India will be Richest Country” and “World Super power”. All corrupted people in entire world get fear after see Kalki actions. All country leaders and entire world people follow him. Worldwide people going to see world war 3 within few months lead by Kalki Avatar… For more information see in this website.

     Some says Kali Yuga life cycle as 432,000 years what we are going through is 5000 years, so Kalki won’t come now, My answer is Arya Batta invented Zero, He took birth 2000 years ago, before Arya Batta invented Zero no one used Zero so what is the value of 432,000 years as you know it has zero in it, that means 432,000 years as different meaning.

     Do you know what happens after Kali Yuga Ends again Satya Yuga starts and then Treta Yuga then Dwapara Yuga and again Kali Yuga starts. whatever happened in this Kali Yuga again happens in next Kali Yuga, again in next Kali Yuga you will take rebirth with same face and same activity will be happens what you did in your life same wife same parents same things happens. do you know next coming Yugas again Lord Rama - Lord Krishna will take rebirth. you won’t believe but it happens same things. so Kala Chakra repeats again and again that is miracle of God.

     Last incarnation of God Kalki Avatar (Lord Venkateshwara) watching people in the world and he appear to the world in 100 days. Kalki Avatar terminate all evil people in the world. Kalki Avatar has another name that is Lord Venkateshwara. Lord Venkateshwara remove all religions in the world, in 10 years all Christians become Hindus. After Lord Venkateshwara appear in 100 days Muslims, Christians and other religions also follow Sanatana dharma. Christians and Muslims also goes to Thirulama Lord Venkateshwara temple. Lord Venkateshwara become King of Bharath country.

     Think about future after end of world by simple Logic: I already said after Kali Yuga Satya Yuga comes so what will be the future of world in Satya Yuga. In Vedas mentioned In Satya Yuga human average height is 32 Feet’s, In Treta Yuga human average height is 22 feet’s, in Dwapara Yuga Human average height is 11 feet’s and Kali Yuga human average height is 5 feet’s. As I mentioned in Vedas after Kali Yuga Satya Yuga comes so all human height will be average 32 feet’s so all building in the world won’t fit for human because human can’t enter into buildings so all building in the world will be scrap. Not only building but also cars, trains, planes and all machines will be scrap and all technology will be scrap including money. In Satya Yuga those who work physically can get food to survive. End of world means everything will be scrape. Why you are working hard for too much money.

     Corona Virus which you see in the world is affect of “4 horsemen” read “4 horsemen” in mentioned Bible Book, so search in internet “4 horsemen” for more details, First horse is diseases all over the world second horse is hunger in world and third horse represent bloodshed, forth horse represent Kalki rule world.

You can find many predictions of future of world in this Page.

Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy Kalagnanam Video Part 1

Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy Kalagnanam Video Part 2

Potuluri Veera Brahmendra Swamy Kalagnanam Script

001. After 5000 years of the ‘Kaliyuga’ (Iron age) passes, righteousness would drastically decline

002. Atheists would be in great numbers

003. True devotees would be rare, fake Gurus, false disciples and devotees would be seen everywhere

004. Without thinking of right and wrong, for the sake of wealth & possessions siblings would kill each other

005. Full moon would be sighted on the ‘Amavasya day’ (new moon day). People who become eye witness that, would lose their sight

006. Sunrise would be sighted in midnight

007. Lightening strikes would dry up rivers

008. All races would become intermixed due to intercaste love marriages and would lose their ancestral identities

009. ‘Varna Vyavastha’ would totally get spoiled.

010. Principles of relations would remain only for the name sake. In the morning people would call each other ‘Brother & sister’ and at night would bed with each other

011. People would not live in one place and would keep moving from one place to another (How truly said! Be it givt. Or private jobs, transfers have become so common that staying in one place for more than 3 years has become a matter of luck)

012. Three new stars would be sighted in the sky, immediately following that there would be thunder & lightening which would be followed by a massive earthquake killing many people

013. In the daytime itself start would be sighted, and people sighting them would fall dead like dry leaves

014. Elephant would give birth to pig, pigs would give birth to monkeys

015. Wild animals would come down to villages and would drink their blood

016. Cock would speak in language of humans

017. India would be ruled by other country people

018. Without the help of bullocks and horses, vehicles would run (automobiles)

019. With the power of water lamps would be lit everywhere in the world (electricity)

020. Tiger and goat would remain in friendly terms (circus? Or zoo?)

021. Due to severe headaches and heart attacks people would die

022. Dwarfs of very little heights would be born who would require a ladder for climbing a chilly plant (indicates liliputs kind of short heighted people. Nowadays we can see very well that younger generations are short heighted than their forefathers. May be in future strangely shortheighted ones would come)

023. Right shoulder of Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati would shake

024. Debates, quarrels and fights would occur within Vaishnavas sect itself

025. Dogs would kill horses

026. People of other religions would rob our country of her riches (True! Our Vedas have been taken away by Germans, priceless Kohinoor diamond is In Britain)

027. Vijayanagar kingdom would lose its richness

028. Kasi city would get spoiled for 40 days

029. In the Kurukshetra area massacre would happen

030. In ‘Malayala’ state (Kerala) ‘Mandapala’ would talk to humans

031. Goddess Kamakshi of ‘Kanchi’ city would rotate at same place continuoysly for 3 hours

032. River Ganga would disappear from Kasi

033. All the routes to Tirupati would get blocked

034. In the temple of Lord ‘Sri Venkateswara’ a huge snake having seven hoods would enter and would take the form of a Brahmin and recite Vedas

035. Sky would become red. Blood would fall like rain

036. Newly born babies would talk to their mothers

037. Pig would give birth to Elephant, crane would give birth to monkey, and dog would give birth to hen

038. Virtuous people would become poor and beg for making from hand to mouth. Evil minded people would live lavishly

039. Idols in temples would dance on their own

040. Wealth and riches of Lord Venkateswara would be stolen by six thieves

041. Many fake Swamis would come and make money by fooling the innocent people

042. Towards the southern direction of Sri Sailam, tremendously heavy storms would occur which would even take away big rocks and stones by its force

043. Blood and pus would ooze out from rocks

044. From the bottom of Krishna river a golden chariot would emerge, whosoever would sight that, they would become blind

045. Inside the temple of goddess Bhramarambika of Sri Sailam, two headed crocodile would enter and the it would merge into the goddess

046. Lord Mallikarjuna of Sri Sailam would talk with humans

047. A child aged 5 years would learn 5 vedas

048. Sri Kumaraswami’s temple would be closed for one week

049. A ‘Maha Shakti’ (super power goddess) would appear in ‘Lingalapuram’

050. Kali would be sent to Karnataka, Durga to Islamic countries, and Veerabhadra to Kerala. There they would chop many sinners to death

051. Seated people would die in the same seated position, people walking or running would die on the same spot, sleeping people’s sleep would become permanent, people standing and watching would fall dead at the same instant. (Perhaps it indicates at the Hiroshima-Nagasaki nuclear explosion. This would be the same case in any nuclear holocaust. If World War-3 happens then same case might repeat)

052. Aquatic animals would come out to shore and commit suicide

053. Day and night vultures would scream. Every hour dogs would cry

054. Lord Shiva’s eyes would vomit sparks of fires

055. Goddess Sri Gouri would weep

056. Nandi would jump crazily

057. Goddess Lakshmi would feel sorrowful

058. Blood would shower like rains

059. Brahmins would become slaves. Virtueless people would recite Vedic hymns

060. Such an evil children would be seen who wouldn’t even care to give food and water to their living parents and would torment them with starvation

061. Unknown to Vedas and Puranas, such new gods and goddesses would be born. Devotees would get confused analyzing who all are real deities among them, whom to worship and whom to not

062. All items would get adulterated (Very well happening today! Food items, jwellery, fuel, furniture, cement and what’s not? Everything is adulterated. Nothing is pure nowadays!))

063. Wives would abuse husbands, sons would beat their mothers, and daughters-in-law would murder their mothers-in-law (Very true! This is happening in many families!)

064. Ladies would sell children born to them in markets and they would sleep with multiple men (This is also happening. In a news channel of Andhra Pradesh it was shown that a mother killed her infant by washing him dead in a washing machine just because he was a disturbing element in her sexual life with his secret lover. Another case was telecasted where a lady had beaten up & burnt her 6-8 years daughter since her secret lover found her as a disturbing element of his privacy. When such brutal murders were done by the mothers themselves, then it looks practical to read mothers selling their children in markets to become free for another sex venture!)

065. Cruel husbands would be born who would treat their wives as their servants (Very much happening!)

066. Quarrels and enemity would take place among various countries

067. Quarrels on the name of religion would destroy the humanity from the hearts of the mankind

068. Human form would get distorted due to many kinds of disabilities and disasters (could be pointing towards the nuclear holocausts and famine)

069. Large number of orphaned children would be found in every country

070. Images on the screen would rule countries (Cinema actors would become political leaders. It is happening already. Chiranjeevi, Rajni Kant, Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, and many more examples can be cited)

071. People would sell off their fields, property, and houses for false studies. Even after learning many subjects, people would remain unsatisfied because of lack of wealth

072. If an evil ruler resigns, another cruel ruler would rise to position (What a true statement! One bad political leader coems down, another worse leader ascends.)

073. Widows would be treated like married women for rituals and sacred functions. Men would become so extinct that for seven women one man would be available. (Man to woman ratio would decrease, may be due to wars, quarrels etc. So, finding no married lady available, people might honour widows for their rituals and functions)

074. Country would remain rich in people who insult God, Brahmin, and Guru without mercy or fear

075. A human would be born to a cow having three legs, he would debate with scholars

076. Quarrels would rise near the banks of Kaveri River (Already happening between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. May be these Luke warm debates would turn into quarrels and fights one day soon)

077. Goddess Meenakshi of ‘Madurai’ city would come in human form and would talk to the people of that place

078. Lord Basaveswara of “lepakshi’ place would get up and jump crazily

079. One owl would screen and as a result ‘Gutti Kota’ place would get demolished all of a sudden

080. Lord Hanuman of ‘Sirivella’ place would appear in his true form, would protect the devotees and teach a lesson to the sinners

081. In the eastern direction a huge comet would be sighted having a size of nine feet (nine feet with human sight means actual size could be in hundreds of miles perhaps). One foreigner who would sight it, would die

082. Nelluru would get submerged under water

083. In between the years named ‘Prabhava’ and ‘Pardhiva’ there would be ‘Pralaya’ (cataclysms)

084. Occeans would rise up and would swallow cities inside them

085. Ruling by Kings would be replaced by democracy (Very true! Already happened)

086. In the year named ‘Bhava’ all rivers would get flooded

087. In a village named ‘Palnadu’ tamarind fruits would emerge from bitter gourd plant

088. Vijayawada Indrakeeladri would split into two due to quarrels, and then goddess ‘Kanaka Durga’ would reach ‘Kandimallaiyya Palle’ mutt of mine

089. In the year named ‘Raktakshi’ near the city ‘Chinna Puri (now Chennai) a seven years old girl would give birth to an infant. That infant would have four legs, three eyes and horns on head

090. Poisonous gases would get leaked killing people in great number (Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984?)

091. Tirupati would become a big city and Lord Venkateswara would become very popular among people (Already happened. Isn’t it?)

092. Goddess Lakshmi would take birth in the family of‘Vaishya’ caste in Benguluru

093. Lord Hanuman of ‘Hampi’ temple would screem at the top of his voice. With that sound many people would die

094. A temple priest would find gold in ‘Swarnamukhi’ river which he would donate to the Lord ‘Sri Kalahastiswara’ thereby he would gain a good name. Kalahasti temple would be robbed after that incident

095. Cobras having ‘Shiva Linga’ in their necks would be seen dancing in that temple

096. Idol of ‘Veera Raghava Swami’ of ‘Tiruvalluru’ village would sweat

097. From ‘Kondaveti Kola’ place fire sparks would emerge. From those fire sparks a Shakti named ‘Rangamma’ would be born

098. Lord Mallikarjuna would leave Sri Sailam and go to Vindhya Mountain

099. One tree would be seen standing in day time and sleeping on the ground at night

100. In ‘Rayadurgam’ place a parrot would teach words of righteousness to people

101. In ‘Tadipatri’ village a goat would speak to people

102. The temple doors of ‘Sri Kumaraswami’ would automatically get closed on their own

103. Patala Ganga would become dry

104. A new disease named ‘Korangi’ would spread like an epidemic and more than ten million people would die

105. Cultivation wouldn’t result in good produce, cows wouldn’t yield much milk

106. People would remain infected with lust heavily. Thereby visiting brothel houses would become common. Especially women would become highly lustful and would corrupt every race. Men would encourage and promote them in their activities

107. India would be ruled by foreigners

108. Sinenrs would insult and hate me, virtuous devotees would understand the truth of my words and would keep their faith in me

109. Wealth accumulated by Hindus of India would be stolen away by Muslims

110. Tirupati deity – Sri Venkatewara would be worshipped by priests belonging to other religions

111. In ‘Banagana Palle’ village a He-goat would lactate like a She-goat

112. Days would come when rice would be sold in the packets of the size of an egg

113. Goddess Kamakshi of Kanchi would get angry and due to that southern people would fall dead

114. In north India a person named ‘Gandhi’ would be born who would bring independence to India and would establish Satyaahinsa (truth and non-violence) and many ‘Dharma’ (rules of righteousness). But he would be killed by an evil person

115. ‘Musi’ river would swallow up many villages inside her and after that a new city would be discovered

116. River ‘Krishna’ in Vijayawada would rise so high that it would scale the heights of Indra Keeladri Mountain and would touch the nose of ‘Kanaka Durga’ idol situated on that mountain (It indicates a great cataclysm).

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